O.O. #5, plastic, argon mercury glass neon, 22” x 13” x 10”


     Chaos is the law of the Universe. All things, from the smallest quantum particles to the churning galactic fires of Space, swirl in chaotic patterns which defy predictability. In imitation of nature, sculptor James Ciosek captures the action and beauty of universal chaos on colored translucent films and then molds the outcome into internally lighted works of art that are mystical, psychedelic, and atmospheric.

     Ciosek will unveil his new series “Opalescent Order” as a solo show May 7-28, 2016 at Zoya Tommy (4102 Fannin St., Houston, TX 77004). This event will consist of works not previously shown, and represents his re-emergence after a two year hiatus from exhibiting. An opening reception will take place on May 7th, 6-9pm.

     The sculptor singes colored plastic films with fireworks, and arranges them in layers, creating what he calls “opal skin.” This leathery material is back lit to a gem-like brilliance, producing a speckled, veined, and wrinkled topography, reminiscent of images of Outer Space. The forms that Ciosek covers with the fire-scarred film are myriad. Light boxes, vacuum formed plexiglass, wire armatures, and plasma cut steel screens are composed into a variety of organic and inorganic shapes. Some pieces are wall mounted, others freestanding. “People have commented that I have covered a lot of ground in a short time with my presentation formats. It’s symptomatic of my love of multiple techniques and medias. I started with the vision to create sculptural mass made entirely out of light,” says the artist.

     Thematically, Ciosek questions our role as generators and arbiters of what may be an entirely holographic existence. In the artist’s view, everything is whirling chaos, and the idea of order is an illusion perpetrated by our five senses. The sculptures subject the viewer to an inkblot test, exploiting the tendency of the eye to find figurative elements where none were intended.

     His third solo show in Houston, “Opalescent Order” follows his interactive “Human Hamster Wheel,” and “Constructed Chaos” series. Critic Robert Boyd respectively lauded these as “inherently fun,” (, and “a pretty magical experience,”( Ciosek was also recently awarded a Windgate Fellowship at Urban Glass, NYC.

     A hands on, mostly self-taught, mixed media sculptor, James Ciosek lives and works in Houston, Texas. He has twenty years of experience as a blacksmith and welder/fabricator, and is also versed in glass neon, slump bending, enameling, and casting. The aesthetic qualities inherent to glass have led him into a new realm of plastics. Ciosek is represented in Houston by Zoya Tommy.